ADSelfService Plus



ADSelfService Plus介绍

ADSelfService Plus是一款安全可靠、基于Web的活动目录用户自助服务管理软件。它可以帮助Windows活动目录中的域用户自助重置密码 , 自助解锁被锁的账户, 自助更新个人信息等,管理员也可以利用它方便地重置用户密码,解锁账户,并设置多种策略强化密码管理。


根据权威分析报告的数据,帮助台中约有30%的请求和密码重置以及帐号解锁有关。这类请求的处理虽然简单,但仍然占用了帮助台技术人员的大量时间。ADSelfService Plus为您提供基于Web的,安全可靠的自助服务解决方案,终端用户无需提交工单,求助帮助台,即可自己重置/修改密码,解锁被锁的账户,更新个人资料等,因此可有效缓解帮助台负荷并降低安全风险。Windows活动目录中的用户在登记注册之后,只有答对了设置好的全部安全保密问题,验证其合法身份之后,方能进行相应的操作,从而可有效保障密码安全。


平台: Windows 2000/2003/Vista/XP/Windows 7 New以及Windows 2008 Server R2 New

厂商: Microsoft

An IT Manager / IT Administrator focusses on the long term objectives of his IT environment and also the complete security of his network. For this he needs to comply with Security, compliance and various other regulatory requirements. On installing ADSelfService Plus Active Directory reset password solution the administrator is relieved of repetitive tickets and will be able to implement stringent policies. The administrator is also facilitated with reports on password status and enrolled users to take critical decisions and allocate resources accordingly.
ADSelfService Plus improves employee productivity by considerably reducing the process time. The process time includes 1. employee to raise a ticket, 2.viewed and allotted a ticket number by the helpdesk and 3. finally attended by helpdesk. Typical delays, frustration, lost productivity, and overheads experienced while waiting for a help desk member, to handle password reset requests are eliminated. End users are assured that their personal contact details will be current and up to date in the Active Directory when they use of the self service portal.