ADAudit Plus


Windows活动目录审计软件 | 微软AD域审计工具


ADAudit Plus是一款活动目录变更审计和报告软件,通过提取事件查看器数据并对其分析整理,帮助审计和跟踪Windows活动目录中的所有变更,详细记录变更历史。审计诸如创建,删除和编辑用户、计算机、组和域策略等活动目录变更,并生成丰富详尽的报表。从而帮助IT管理员回答“谁在什么时间什么地方执行了什么行为”的问题,满足企业内部审计和外部法规监管的需要。



平台: Windows 32和64位
Servers: Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012.
技术: Windows活动目录、NetApp Filer
数据库: MySQL、MSSQL、PostgreSQL
As an IT Manager/CIO of an enterprise, you would like to appraise yourself of the security threat posed by internal users in your enterprise network and keep your enterprises network regulatory compliance audit ready.

ADAudit Plus addresses an IT Administrators Audit Requirements. It presents graphical snapshot views of all changes that occur in Active Directory. Changes done by Users and on Users, Computer, Groups and other Group Policy Changes are reported in a easily understandable format.

The application generates a slew of pre-built & custom reports to cater for monitoring user activity and drill down from reports and raw log search for auditing the user activity. It rolls out reports for SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI regulatory compliance acts. It allows you to create reports for any new regulatory compliance with ease. These will make your enterprise network compliance audit ready.

You can get ready made management reports daily for your own perusal and forward submission.
Day to Day Administration requires information to be current and up to date. ADAudit Plus provides alerts on any change event in the Active Directory through Alerts. It facilitates configuring alert profiles based on one or more selected change actions and designating severity criteria for the alerts to prioritize actions based on change events.

Further custom configured reports and Profile Based Reports makes change actions on and by users readily available. This helps to keep a tab on any desired or undesired activity in the domain.

Graphs facilitate viewing the trend of a selected change action.
IT Auditors are concerned about the complete information on all the resources in the organization. Information on User History, Computers and other objects are to be audited. ADAudit Plus facilitates SOX, HIPAA, GLBA ready reports that are mandatorily required by auditors.